Langkawi Restaurant Guide

Local Cuisine

One of the great things about Malaysia is the variety of cuisine from around the country. Just to get you started, below we have outlined some of Malaysia's most popular dishes:

Teh Tarik:
Malaysia's 'national drink' teh tarik' (literally pulled tea) is tea with milk and sugar that is aerated by pouring from one glass to another as far as the vendor can reach. Always served hot. Delicious.

Nasi Campur:
White rice, surrounded by small selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. Delicious and never the same twice.

Ice Cendol:
If there is a national dessert, Ice Cendol is it. Shaved ice with jelly candies and agar-agar, red sugar and coconut milk this cool refreshment can be found just about anywhere.

Found in hawker stalls these steamed ball of glutonous rice flavoured with coconut are served cut up covered with sweet soy sauce that is slightly spice. A delicious and cheap snack or dessert.

Peranakan Cuisine:
Also known as Nyonya or Baba cuisine - this is fusion of traditional Malay and Chinese cuisine. Notable for its use of coconut and spicy curries served with beef, chicken and fish, no visit to Malaysia is complete without at least one Peranakan meal.