Introduction to Langkawi

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Welcome and thank-you for visiting. We at have put together this information more as a primer for the first or second time visitor - certainly 'old Langkawi hands' will already know most of this material. That said, this should get most people off to a good start. If you are looking for more information on Langkawi there are any number of good guide books from which to choose (we prefer the Footprints and Rough Guide series). BTW, if you are one of those old Langkawi hands and you think we missed something, don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail.

Langkawi Overview
Consisting of some 99 islands, the total land area of all the islands combined is 47,848 hectares whereas Langkawi itself has a total of 32,000 hectares. Langkawi is approximately 25km in length from north to south and 40 km east to west.

Much of the island's interior landscape is rugged and hilly with a dense tropical forest that covers some towering woodland mountains. However there are a number of good beaches scattered around the island's coastline.

Malaysia is keen to develop its tourism sector and Langkawi plays an important role. Getting to Langkawi has never been easier with several national and international flights a day. For more info on how to get to Langkawi, click here.

Malaysia's government has long been promoting Bahasa Melayu as the 'national language' in an effort to promote national unity. Even so most people on Langkawi speak English well - so much so that even if you do speak Bahasa Melayu (or Bahasa Indonesian) most folks will reply to you in English just to practice.

Quick travel facts:
- Total population of Malaysia is approximately 21 million persons.
- Total population of Langkawi is approximately 60,000.
- Local time on Langkawi is GMT + 8 hours (same as KL and Singapore).
- Electricity is 220-240 volts A.C. at 50 hertz.
- Economy: rubber plantations, rice farming and tourism.


Nestled on the northwestern coast of Malaysia and located near the border between Thailand and Malaysia, Langkawi is comprised of some 100 small islands and is separated from the mainland of Malaysia by the Straits of Malacca. Part of Malaysia, Langkawi is a district in the state of Kedah.

The total land area of all the islands around Langkawi combined is 47,848 hectares whereas the main island of Langkawi has a total of some 32,000 hectares. The main island is approximately 25km in length from north to south. The majority of the island's inner landscape is covered with towering woodland mountains with dense subtropical forests and lush green vegetation. However there are a number of good beaches scattered around the island's coast.

Langkawi has a maritime tropical climate year round, with temperatures ranging from 23°C (73.4°F) in the early parts of the year to 34°C (93.4°F) degrees towards the end of the year. The wet monsoon is from April to October making the best time to visit from November to March. By the way, monsoon refers to the wind, not the rain.